How I Work

I have an integrative approach to counselling, this means that I draw on a variety of therapeutic approaches and theories to suit each individual person. I believe that the relationship between client and counsellor is the most important aspect of therapy, and so this is at the foundation of my approach.

I aim to provide a safe and confidential space for you to talk about what is troubling you, and I listen without judgement or preconceived ideas.

I will work with you to understand your goal for therapy and ask you to think about how you will know when you have reached that goal. I won’t ever tell you what you should do or give direct advice but instead work with you to find your own answers. I may offer reflections on what I hear and in some cases, I may offer tools and strategies for you to consider.

I offer a free initial telephone consultation of around 15 minutes when we can discuss in more detail why you would like to come to therapy and answer any questions you may have. If we agree to meet, at our first session we can discuss in more detail what your goals for therapy are, talk more about you and what’s going on in your life and agree on an initial number of sessions.

Each therapy session lasts for 50 minutes and takes place at the same time and day each week. Generally, I ask for a minimum commitment of 8 sessions which enables the trust in our relationship to develop and for you to get a sense of what pace works for you.

There is no prescriptive way of deciding how many sessions might be right for you, but as an indicator; if you have a particular issue you want to work through, we might work on a short term basis which is typically between 8-16 sessions. If your concerns are more generally affecting your life or have been present for some time, this might require longer-term work, in this case, we will hold regular reviews to see how the therapy is going. The decision on when to start and end therapy is always yours.

In-person Counselling

I offer face-to-face counselling from a private space at the East Wing Practice Rooms in Westbury (easily accessible from Trowbridge, Warminster, Frome and Melksham).

Attending in-person means you can talk in a quiet, neutral and confidential space that is separate from your day-to-day life. Depending on your location, you will also need to factor in the travelling time to and from the appointment, albeit some people find this a useful time to prepare for, or decompress after the session.

Online Counselling

I offer counselling to anyone in the UK via a secure online video platform.

Attending online can give you greater flexibility to fit the session into your day, and save on travel time. It is also useful for those who may not be mobile or who find it difficult to leave their home. When choosing to work online, it is important to consider whether you have a confidential space you can dial in from where you feel comfortable to talk openly.


My fee is £45 per session.

Next Steps

If you are interested to find out more and would like to arrange an initial consultation, please get in touch either by email or phone using the details below. Please note that I may not always be able to answer calls if I am in session, so please leave a brief message and I will get back to you.
 07539 472359