About Therapy

There are many reasons why people choose to go to therapy. Some common reasons are depression, anxiety, grief and relationship difficulties. However there doesn’t need to be a specific issue, sometimes people find that their thoughts and behaviours are holding them back or that they are feeling ‘stuck’ and are not enjoying life as much as they would like.

Therapy provides a space to talk openly about your thoughts and feelings and to process your emotions. The word ’emotion’ has roots in a Latin word meaning to ‘move out’, yet many people ignore or numb their emotions if they feel too difficult, which can actually make them feel more intense.

Therapy can support you to:

  • Understand past difficulties and how they impact your current life
  • Find answers within yourself and be able to move forward in a different way
  • Make positive changes and be more self-fulfilled
  • Build resources to help you deal with life’s ups and downs.

Every reason to come to therapy is unique because you are unique, the most important reason to come is that you feel ready to.